1.Read/Write permission from your device : This permission is needed to access the file for encryption or decryption

2.Camera : This is needed to capture photos from your device for " Instant capture encrypted photo and share to others " feature.

3.GPS Location: Your coarse and fine location is needed for "Location Based Lock" feature . This lets restrict to unlock locked files from anywhere in the world except the place where your selected unlocking zone area

Please note that , none of your data will be shared to anyone , third party server or even to the developer . Your encrypted data will be kept in your device. The location data we use for "Location Based Lock" will also be encrypted with the main file. While unlocking file locked with "Location Based Lock " , if users enter a valid password then at first those location data will be decrypted . Then a map will be shown to the users and their gps location will be collected to match their location with the selected one defined while encrypted. Instant capture encrypted photo and share to others lets you capture and encrypt photo then share to others. Note that , this app does not take photo itself . It redirects you to the camera apps of yourdevice and uses those photo if you take picture from there. After taking and encrypting picture a default sharing menu will be visible . It could be shared via email or other local file sharing apps , keep in mind that nothing will be shared to anyone without you consent .